Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the pictures taken and who chooses the location? I am for the most part an on-sight, natural light photographer, which means I bring the camera to you.  There is a driving distance listed on my session options.  When contacting me we can discuss the location you would like to have your portraits done to see if that falls in the distance of the package you choose.  If the distance goes over, I can still do it for a minimal charge, which I can give you at that time.   I also have a small in home studio which is an option for those winter months, and for additional options for babies and children.  If your having trouble choosing a location, don't forget that some of the best photos can even be taking at your home and even inside your home. If you need suggestions on a location, please figure out what your vision and style is and Kim can make suggestions.  The other option is to scroll through my photo shoots and let me know if there is a session that stands out to you.

What should we wear for the photo shoot? Click HERE for information on what to wear

What is the best time of the day to make an appointment?  I can shoot anytime of the day, but if you are in love with the sun in your pictures (which in Ohio there is no guarantee of getting sun) the best time to shoot is before the sun goes down or after the sun comes up.  Kim will give you a time suggestion depending on the time of the year it is.  When shooting in the fall, it may be better to go with the warmer part of the day, then to try to shoot when the sun is going down.  I also suggest newborn sessions start around 9 or 10am.  If you have any further questions on this, please let Kim know!

Who chooses the best portraits to order from? I choose the best portraits for your digital downloads. After choosing them, I spend a lot of time touching them up and making any adjustments to them that is necessary.  

Who owns the copyrights to the pictures that are taken? I own all the copyrights for the pictures I take, therefore it is illegal to print any of my pictures unless a print release is received.   I do not sell copyrights of my pictures because that means I would have to destroy the images.  Instead, I give a print release, which is all a client will need to do their own printing.

How does all the pricing work? I have changed all my pricing to be all inclusive packages, with the option to add on prints and products.  You will choose your session, taking into consideration the amount of time you will need, total digital images you would like to receive, along with distance of the location you decide upon.  Please let me know if you have any questions after looking over all my pricing HERE.