Making An Appointment & Cancellation Policy

MAKING AN APPOINTMENT POLICY: In order for anyone to book a date, they first need to submit a deposit, which is half of the package chosen.  If you schedule your session at least 2 weeks prior to the date you are wanting, you may mail a check.  Please keep in mind the date will only be held up to one week to receive the payment and after that the appointment time is void.  If you book a date close to the date you are wanting for you appointment, then you will need to pay through pay pal on the day you are booking or drop off the deposit.  Information for both will be given when you contact the photographer about making an appointment.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All appointments that are cancelled due to an emergency may be rescheduled.  If the 2nd appointment time that was made is cancelled for any reason the client will loose the deposit made.  If an appointment is cancelled, the client has up to 2 weeks to reschedule or they risk loosing the deposit.  If a client schedules an appointment and then pays the session fee and chooses not to reschedule the session, then they loose the deposit.  If a client cancels more than twice, the photographer reserves the right to not make any further appointments.

BAD WEATHER: Many ask, what will happen if the weather is bad on the day of our photo shoot?  First of all it is up to the discretion of myself, the photographer, if the appointment should be cancelled due to weather.  Bad weather, consist of all day raining, thunderstorms, or a blizzard.  Do keep in mind, when making an appointment, that most likely you will not get a perfect 70 degree day.  We live in Ohio, and the chances of that is very slim.  When scheduling in the spring and fall, it could very likely be in the lower 40's.  That is not enough reason to cancel a session.  My best suggestion is dress warm and layer up.  Also if you schedule something in the summer, then anything less then 90 is not a reason to cancel a session.  It is always best to shoot in the shade if it is a sunny day, so that will help keep it cooler for the really hot days!