Engagement Photographer Medina OH

So last week I did an engagement photo shoot.  I had so much fun, and the 26 degree weather didn't even bother me.  It's amazing how I stay warm the entire time I am outside shooting, and then after I get in my car to head home, I realize how cold I actually am.  I guess when your brain is busy being creative, like I do when I'm taking pictures, it shuts down the part of your brain that makes you aware how cold you are.  Ryan and Sarah were so much fun to hang with all afternoon!  We were laughing non stop!  Ryan also has some interesting dance moves.  All afternoon they were fair game to anything I asked them to do!  I think they looked amazing in, and you could see the love come across in the pictures.  I also loved taking pictures in the snow!  It was so beautiful, and it was hard to get a bad picture!  I hope to do more photo shoots in the snow in the near future! 

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