Cuyahoga Falls OH, Baby Photo Shoot

So here is a cute baby that I captured last week.  His name is Caden, and he is 10 weeks old.  His mother contacted me and was a little bummed that she didn't get his pictures a little younger, so we could pull off the sleepy newborn baby pictures.  I told her we might be able to pull it off if we plan just right.  So with a lot of thought Krista and I decided that I would come to her house right before Caden's nap time, so he would be tired.  When I arrived Krista told me that he just fell asleep and so we decided to get a game plan with where I was going to take the pictures of him sleeping and how.  So I got everything out and when we went in the room to get the little guy, he was wide awake!  What?????  He was to cute though, so I decided we would just go with the flow!!!  So sleeping or not, we put him in some baskets and to our surprise he seemed to love them!   After that we got some great pictures of the nursery!  Look below for all the cute pictures!

So after including the dog in a few pictures, we decided to head to a park a few minutes from Krista's house.  Caden once again was just as cute as could be, and he kept looking right into my camera.  A photographer's dream!  Most the time, you can tell that children and babies, are looking right at their mother calling their name right beside me, but when you get the occasion that the child or baby looks right into your camera and stares!  That is a good day!!!!  Anyways, we took lots of pictures on the blanket and then Krista and I walked over to the swing so that I could get some shots, and then low and behold I looked up and I told Krista that he was asleep on her and to not move.  We got some cute shots of him sleeping in the position he fell asleep in, on Krista.  Then we slowly made our way back to my stuff and got a basket and then with very slow movements Krista and I got Caden into the basket still asleep.  We were both very excited!!!!  Then quickly, I dropped to the ground and grabbed as many shots as I could! 

Then after some cute sleepy baby pictures, Caden woke up and gave me this sweet little look.  I had to say!  What a great photo shoot!  I think we got it all, and now I just love taking 10 week old baby pictures.  They are still small enough to fit into little baskets, and they love to smile!

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