Medina Ohio Senior Photography Session - Rachel

So what a great time I had with Rachel!  She's a beautiful girl and she totally rocked out her session.  It was crazy the more I kept taking pictures of this girl, the better she got!  I can't imagine what I would of got if I had even a few more hours.  It's always sad when the sun goes down on me, and we still have pictures in us.  That is what happened to us.  We literally sucked up every minute of sunlight, and with the end result, I'm glad I did.  

The only down side I had of this photo shoot, was the poison ivy, I got all over my body.  The pictures below of Rachel in the grass is the exactly where it took place.  The day after her shoot, the red bumps started, and this time it was worse then I have ever had it.  You see, this is the 4th round of poison ivy I have had this year!  I usually wait it out, and it goes away.  This time, with the rate it was all over me, I knew I had to get to the Dr.  The scary thing was, my son was having surgery the same week, and I knew I was going to need to be at my best.  So off to the Dr. I went on a Monday about 3 weeks ago, and I just know am feeling better.  The Dr. said that I'm highly allergic to poison ivy, and it is an allergic reaction you get when touching it.  At that point it gets into your blood stream, and you can have problems for up to 3 weeks.  Even with a steroid, it didn't go away.  Needless to say after that whole ordeal, I will be wearing pants to most of my photo shoots now.  Yikes!!!!!  Thats rough in the heat, but no where as rough as getting poison ivy for 3 weeks.  At least the shots I got of Rachel while I was laying in the poison ivy, turned out beautiful!

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