Northeast Ohio Dog Photo Shoot

So finally but not least I'm at the end of my blogging marathon, and here is a photo shoot I did over a week ago.  When Jodie and Jason asked if I would do a photo shoot with their dog, I of course agreed to it right away!  Then I started thinking about what can I do in a photo shoot with a dog, and I wasn't so sure how I was going to pull it off.  Then Jodie and Jason came up with the idea to go to the castle where they go married at, and I thought great, a new location!  So after we got there, the ideas were swarming in my head, and quite honestly this was one of my easiest photo shoots I have ever done.  Their dog Shamrock, would do his own thing from time to time, but for the most part he was so good and he would just stay where we put him!  I would did this sort of photo shoot again in a heartbeat!  

So at the end of our shoot, we thought that Shamrock might want a drink of water.  We tried the spicket first and he didn't want anything to do with it.  So then Jason thought he would have him drink out of the fountain like a person.  The picture about cracked me up, because Jason kept pushing on him, and the dog just kept pushing back!  Finally we got the poor thing to take a drink when we tried the spicket for a second time.

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