Brunswick Oh Northeast Ohio Wedding - Bryan & Madeline

This was a first time and probably a last time for me.  I got the opportunity to photograph a bride and groom who both had a twin.  We had a lot of fun with it through out the day!  Look below for their pictures. It did make things a little confusing at times.  Thank goodness the bride and groom were dressed differently from the rest of the bridal party!

I always love when the bride and groom decide to do a first look before the ceremony.  Below is Bryan's first reaction when seeing Madeline.  What a special moment for the two of them.  

It does make for a less stressful day when we can knock out all the bride and groom's pictures ahead of time, and also the family and bridal party.  We had the time we needed to get the pictures we wanted, and without any stress!  What a perfect day it was!

Now that is a double take!

So the funniest thing happened when the bride threw the bouquet.  It never came down!   I grabbed this shot with everyone's hands in the air, because they were up for quite awhile.  The bouquet got caught in the light fixture.  So they decided that the bouquet toss was over, and then later it just dropped on the ground.  No one, knew the rules of such a situation.  Does all the single girls run after it at that point, or do you throw it again.  We all just laughed, and they decided to throw it a second time.  What a great story for the bride and groom to tell for years to come!!!!

I loved this pictures as well, because the bride and groom were dancing with the bridal party and then the two sets of twins decided to make a switch to see if any one would notice.  I of course caught it right away because I'm always photographing, but many didn't have a clue that they did that!  To funny!!!

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