Cuyahoga Falls, OH Baby Portraits - Baby Marco

This little guy was so adorable.  I felt bad for him though, because he didn't get a good nap before our photo shoot, and the poor thing who is normally "all smiles" his mother says, didn't have many smiles to share with us.  We didn't give up though, and his mom was great for just going with the photo shoot, and  she was amazing at showing her expression for her baby regardless if he was happy or not.   Towards the end of our shoot the little guy just passed out, so we thought we would make the best of it, and put him in a basket.  The little guy didn't even move!  He was stiller then my newborns I shoot!  In fact, at one point I checked to see if he was still breathing.  After our pictures in the basket, our shoot was over, and of course his mother told me that he was all smiles as soon as he got home.  I told her "it was because he has such a good nap in my basket".  Maybe next time I will start with the baby taking a nap at the beginning of the photo shoot.  Regardless of the little guy being tired, he produced some adorable pictures for me!  I couldn't get enough of his little face when I was editing his pictures!  All I can say is that is one cute face that a momma couldn't resist!  He is going to be hard to say no to one day!

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