Cuyahoga County Senior Photography Session - Allyson

So I got the most perfect photographer's day when it came to weather for Allyson's senior session.  It was cloudy and in the low 70's.  In fact, when I showed up Allyson was shaking because she was cold.   I have been so use to shooting in upper 80's and with sun.  I have only had 2 cloudy days this entire summer.  So of course I was very excited that the sky was the limit on where I could take Allyson's pictures.  I have been so sick of always looking for shade for every photo shoot, so it was a well deserved break for me.  

Allyson, was very nervous when we first started the session, and after awhile she got more comfortable with the camera, or at least until people would walk by us, so I would always do my best and stop for a moment, so she wouldn't get to uncomfortable.  By the time our session was over, it was as if I was shooting a model.  Allyson really nailed some of the looks that I wanted from her and she looked perfect!  I hope she is happy with her pictures as I am!  I just hope there are more days like this one, for my next few photo shoots!

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