Akron OH Photographer (Seniors) - Erica

So how have I got so lucky, to photograph so many beautiful senior girls in one year?  Erica was truly a natural in front of the camera, and her since of fashion was so refreshing.  I personally find myself in a rut when it come to clothing and putting together outfits, so I love when I'm around someone who takes a bit of risk when it come to fashion, but yet pulls it off in such a natural way!  Lately I have found clothes shopping to be a bit of a chore instead of enjoyable, like it once was.  My three year old son may have something to do with that, since he is usually with me when I'm at the store, but even when I'm alone shopping, I kind of stare at the clothes, and feel overwhelmed.  Maybe I can borrow someone like Erica to go shopping with me or maybe I need to be looking at more magazines for ideas!  Whatever the solution I'm glad I'm the one taking the pictures, and not the one in them!

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