Cleveland / Medina Wedding Photographer - David and Amy

Amy and David were an absolutely amazing couple to spend the day with!  These two have such a loving spirit and their since of humor always kept me guessing about what was next.  We did start off with some nice weather when they had their wedding back in Sept, but by the end of the wedding ceremony it was raining.  So at that point, we had to make the best of it, and thank goodness for the big black umbrella I always keep in my car.  So I had my second shooter holding an umbrella over my head and my camera, and then I took pictures of them holding their umbrella.  Lets just say we waisted no time getting the shots we needed in the rain.  So keep reading to here all the unique things that this couple planned for each other!

It's blurred out of the picture, but Amy decided to put a picture of David's mom on the garter, so after he  had his fun getting it later in the day the first thing he would see is a picture of his mother.  Amy couldn't stop laughing about this!  Look below for David's reaction

I just love a groom's first look at his bride.  David's eyes were glossing over while showing absolute love and affection.

I absolutely loved this limo!

Amy is a volunteer firefighter so we had to get some pictures of her with some of her fellow firefighters.

One problem I foresee in this marriage is Dave is a Brown's fan, and Amy is a Steeler's fan.  Lets just say they couldn't wait to do this picture!

Then later on Dave surprised Amy and sung two country songs to her.  She just melted, and her eyes swelled up, and we saw tears of happiness.  It was one of the most romantic moments I've experienced.

So here's David's first glance at the picture of his mom on the garter.  It was a pin, so Amy could put it on him for the rest of the night.  Amy was a riot!!!

So then Dave planned a little surprise for Amy.  The best man came out dressed with this scary wig, and nasty fake, black chest hair coming out of his shirt, along with sporting this rocking hat!  Amy couldn't stop laughing as he was trying to dance with her.

David enjoyed a special moment with each of his sisters, during the dollar dance!

I just love this precious picture of David dancing with this little girl!

Amy dances with her father in law!

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