Cleveland, OH Engagement Photographer - Shannon and Chad

So I have the privilege of doing Chad and Shannon's wedding pictures this September.  Their wedding should be a lot of fun, because these two are a hoot when they are together!  When I first met Chad, I wasn't quite sure how to take him, but then I realized that he is almost always joking around, even if he looks serious.  I have a brother in law like this, so that helped me out in realizing that Chad is a jokester!

So Chad and Shannon having fun on their engagement shoot was pretty normal for them!  In fact, if you look below at the pictures, you will see how we went from a nice romantic picture on the grass, and after  me asking one little question, "do you two like to wrestle?" Shannon was taking Chad down!  To funny!  I'm glad I captured the whole thing.  I think Chad was being to much of a gentlemen to return the favor, but regardless, I know I captured a normal even in their lives!  

I look forward to your wedding Chad and Shannon!!!!  

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