Northeast OH Family Photographer - The Williams Family

What a joy it was to work with this family.  Their son was absolutely adorable, and they were just glowing with excitement!  Later in the session I found out that the mom was expecting again, and due sometime in the spring.  I was so excited, and I'm hoping I will get to do those newborn pictures for them.  Their son was very cooperative, and he seemed to enjoy just being the center of attention. 

 I was also so happy to find such a beautiful orchard, and with people who were so willing to let me come and photograph this family.  I have called several orchards in the past, and all of them were quite rude to me on the phone when I told them what I wanted.  Needless to say, I wasn't going to take a family to any of these orchards, for them to experience the same kind of rudeness.  In fact, I took another family to a different orchard just a few weeks after this session, and had a horrible experience there, and that was after they seemed fine with me photographing there.  I'll tell that story in the near future on that post.  So anyways, this orchard by far won me over, and I'll be taking many families back here in the future, and their cider and apples are pretty yummy as well!

So at the end of the session this family wanted to grab some shots that would work on their Christmas card.  It was pretty warm on that fall day, but we went with it anyways.  It was sort of weird taking pictures of a sled on bright green grass, so I liked these pictures in black and white the best, and that is what ended up on their Christmas card.  

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