Senior Photographer Medina OH - Alex

Here's another senior session I did back in the fall.  Alex did a great job on her senior session, and we had a good time going from location to location.  You wouldn't know it, but on most of these fall days, the air was pretty cool.  For some reason, most of the senior girls I took pictures of during the fall season brought all short sleeve shirts.  Meanwhile, I'm warm as can be in my jacket and sweat shirt.  I always tell everyone I guess it doesn't matter how cold you are, as long as the photographer is warm and not shaking when taking pictures.  So I always dress for the weather, and well my only theory on these senior girls showing up with all short sleeve shirts, is the fact that they have been thinking all summer about what to wear when they get their senior pictures taken, and well usually your not thinking about sweaters and long sleeve shirts in the summer.

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