Senior Photographer Strongsville OH - Lauren

Lauren was an absolute natural at the camera!  Her senior session was probably one of the easiest one's I have ever done.  I just gave this girl a few pointers when it came to her smile and her serious look, and she just nailed it every time for me.  For some reason it's hard for seniors to pull off a natural smile, and then also be good at a serious look that doesn't come off looking mean.  I spend most of my time with this during my senior sessions!  Since Lauren got these looks down right away, it allowed us a ton of time to find some cool locations!  

Also the other unique thing about Lauren, is she has two different color eyes!  She is beautiful, and I find myself just staring at the contrast of her eyes in these pictures!  It did make it a little confusing when I was editing her pictures, because my eyes were telling me that one side of her face was to dark, but each time it was just her darker eye that was confusing my eyes.  Regardless, this girl could be a model, and I hope she becomes one, so I can do her pictures again one day!

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