Senior Photography Portraits, Medina Ohio

So I have been in photography overload lately, but I love it!!!!!  Not having enough time to blog and post pictures means I'm busy photographing and editing, which is what I would rather be doing, but since it is cold and snowy out now, I'm going to do my best to catch up all my photo shoots and weddings from this fall. I had around 22 photo shoots and 6 weddings, in about a month and a half.  It seriously took me to the end of November to just finish up all the editing, and I'm still working on some of the orders.  I'm already missing being outside in the beautiful fresh fall air, but I guess I'll look forward to what spring has in store.

This photo shoot of Megan was a ton of fun.  She had a horse that she lost last year, and her favorite place is where she kept her horse, so she wanted to do her entire photo shoot there.  At first I thought we would run out of places to shoot at, but somehow we filled up the 3 hour session no problem.  Megan was a natural at the camera, and the animals on this farm just love her.  I had a hard time with taking pictures without animals showing up in them.  It was cracking me up!  She even got me on the roof of the one barn, which is her favorite place to go and think.  At first I thought she was crazy, because I'm absolutely scared of heights, but the roof went down real far by this deck, where we could get on there very easily.  I can't do ladders, so good thing there was another way up.  It was a beautiful view, so I'm glad she dragged me up there.

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