Akron OH Wedding Photographer - Michael and Epiphany

Epiphany is a friend of my daughters, and she came to me last year looking for someone to capture her wedding day for her.  It was my honor to do this, and in the process I got to know Michael and both of their families.  These two are amazing human beings and they come from two very loving families.  Everything about their wedding day was absolutely beautiful, and I often found myself drifting into thought thinking that this could be my oldest daughter in a few years.  I'm not ready for that in any way, but the reality is my daughter is growing up!

This fall wedding in October had beautiful sunshine, and beautiful colors everywhere!  I have grown quite fond of fall weddings, and I think the reason why, is because I can't go wrong in my outdoor pictures because their is color everywhere!

I enjoyed the simplicity of this wedding, because these two made it about themselves and their new lives together and less about putting on a show for everyone!  I can see the love in their eyes for each other, and the day portrayed this in a perfect way!  I'm excited because usually I do a wedding and then I don't get to talk to these couples anymore, but with Epiphany and Michael, I can ask my daughter from time to time, on how they are doing!  

So I was warned ahead of time that the guys in this wedding party had lots of personality.  I told them to come up with some ideas on their own for pictures, and well the one above is what they gave me!  People were just staring at us when we were doing this, thinking that these guys were really fighting.  To funny!

Here is another great picture the guys gave me.  It was their famous air band.  One of them starting singing and then they really got into it!  Love it!!!

I love this picture of the cake.  After I took it I noticed the moon in the background!  I love accidents like this!

There was a chalkboard in one of the rooms at this hall that the bride and groom rented.  It was fun, because everyone was writing them messages.  A few of them were not appropriate to post on line, but here is a picture of the bride reading them!

This groomsmen was making the funniest faces for some of my pictures.  So check out a few of the others below!

This older guy was cracking me up, because he had all kind of moves up his sleeve, and he really enjoyed dancing with the younger women!

There is nothing funner, then a group of guys that get in a moment of a song and just start belting it!

Guess what dance move he is doing?

Not sure what is going on this photo, but to funny!

Love the pants!

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