Family Photographer, Medina Ohio - The Smith Family

The Smith Family was an amazing family that I had the privilege to take their pictures for back in October.  The kids were quite cooperative throughout most of the session.  We took a little half time break in the middle when things were getting a little questionable, and then we decided to go on a Dora the Explorer adventure to this bridge that is pictured above, and below!  The kids were all about it, and suddenly round 2 of the picture taking didn't seem so bad to them!  

Then at the very end, the little guy decided he had enough, and that was quite okay, because if I can get close to an hour out of 2 children, I'm pretty much already getting a miracle!  So at the very end we decided to make sure we got pictures of the parents, and it was perfect because at that point the kids were busy playing on the playground and they never even realized!

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