Medina County Photographer - Family Session Medina OH

So I promised a few post back that I would tell about my bad experience at a local apple orchard, so here is that story.  First of all let me start out by saying again, that I have had a terrible response when I call an area orchard and ask if I can bring a family for a family photo shoot.  I'm not sure why any one would be opposed to the idea, since I'm bringing them business, but needless to say, people are not comfortable with something they know little about.  

Well long story short, I did call this particular orchard a week or so before this photo shoot to see if the apples were still in season, and if I could shoot some pictures in their orchard of a family.  I had no problems over the phone.  When I arrived to the orchard the day of the photo shoot, I got there before the family did, and I went in to the building and told the lady what I was there for, and I asked her if I could just walk around the orchard to scout out the best spot to shoot pictures at.  The young lady was very nice and told me I could, and told me where she thought the best place would be.  So I headed outside to scout out the orchard.  I then located a good spot in the orchard to take pictures, and I then headed back up to where the cars were to wait for the family.  

When I got close to the parking lot, there was an employee in the distance that was starring me down.  Then this employee approached me, and seemed very angry with me.  She very straight to the point asked me "what were you doing in the orchard and what's in your bag"?  I then looked down, and saw that I had my camera bag on me, and suddenly realized that she thought I was stealing apples.  I haven't stollen a single thing in my entire life, and I was completely in shock that I would be accused of any such thing.  First of all, my camera bag was so small that I was wearing that I can't possible imagine, even if I was stealing that I would of had many apples in there to make it worth accusing someone of that, but for whatever reason this lady was angry and wanted some answers.  So I explained to her that I was a photographer and that I was there to shoot pictures of a family and I was just scouting out the grounds for a good place to take pictures of the family.  This lady, didn't seem to like my explanation, so the only thing left to do was open up my camera bag and show her that I wasn't stealing any apples.  The crazy thing was, even after I showed her that I didn't steel any apples, she still treated me as if I did something wrong.  The whole time I was there taking pictures, I felt like I was a bad person!  Needless to say, I don't think I will be going back to that orchard again!   

On a good note, at least the pictures turned out great!  This photo shoot was with my brother and his family!  I had a great time getting pictures of them.  I'm actually in shock of how many pictures we got in a little over an hour with two locations, and a change of outfits!  I think it  has helped that I have stuck my camera in my nieces faces on many occasions!

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