Photographer Medina OH - Kid Photography Session

These had to be the funnest kids I have ever hung out with!  They literally had me laughing the entire photo shoot, and the dog had to be one of the best dogs I have ever photographed.  The dynamic of this family was amazing, and these kids should be thankful that they have each other to grow up with!  That is one thing sometimes I wish I could change, is having my kids closer, but then on other days I'm okay with the space in their ages.

We almost didn't complete this photo shoot.  It literally rained up till the time we shot our first picture, and then the sun peaked out which made some gorgeous back lighting, but then it started raining again on us towards the end, so we just called it a day!  These kids were very cooperative so I got lots of pictures quite quickly!  I hope to photograph these kids in the future.  It will be fun to see how all 4 of them have grown!

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