Wedding Photographer Akron OH - Matt and Nikki

What a great day I had with Matt and Nikki!  I have to admit, we had some interesting experiences though.  For instance, this was a fall wedding, but boy was it hot and sunny!!!  So of course on a sunny day, I'm looking for some shade somewhere, so down the hill from the church in this big field of grass, was some shade provided from the trees, so that is where we set out to get all our outdoor pictures.  The crazy thing was, when I went down there with the bride and bridesmaids, there were these tiny little jumping bugs in the grass.  Everywhere we stepped they were jumping everywhere.  Then when we got to our location, we noticed that the bugs were jumping up in Nikki's dress and they were sticking to it.  She said she didn't care because she was willing to do whatever she needed for the pictures.  So she was such a trooper about it, and when we got back up to the church, I was the only one who seemed willing to help get the bugs out of her dress, so I debugged Nikki's dress.  I had to go through each layer of the dress, and I even found some large grass hoppers in it!  Nikki just stood there and laughed.  If that was me, I would of been screaming.  In fact, I'm shocked that I didn't scream some, because I am terrified of bugs, and here I was touching all of them brushing them out of her dress!  Very Crazy!!!! 

This was a special moment during the ceremony, because Matt's sister sang a song she wrote!  It was beautiful!

This picture cracked me up.  I had the entire bridal party lined up for their formal shot, and then we all heard a loud noise from the woods, so everyone turned back to see what it was.  Of course I keep shooting, because these moments are priceless!

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