Cleveland Ohio Senior Photographer - Amy

Amy is screaming with personality when you meet her!  The first time I talked to Amy on the phone, I thought I was talking to a long lost girlfriend of mine and we needed to desperately catch up.  She was just telling me story after story and cracking me up along the way.  So we finally decided on a location and a time to meet for her senior session!  When we met, she had me cracking up most of the session!  It is very hard to take pictures when your laughing, so I always have to compose myself and then start snapping pictures.  

Amy's uncle also came along for her photo shoot, and I was extremely happy about that, because her uncle John, is a friend of mine from my school days!   It was crazy taking his niece's senior pictures, because being around John made me think back to our high school days!  Wow!  To be young again!  Those days are long gone for me, but at least I get to feel young while doing these sessions.  I get a complete workout while photographing these senior shoots.  I have to do about 100 squats or more!  Love it!!!!

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