Dog and Family Photographer Medina OH

So my friend April has been doing my hair for over 10 years!  I love when I get a chance to get my hair done, because my life and April's life have gotten so crazy busy, and when I get my hair done it is the only time April and I get to catch up!  So recently my friend opened her own salon!  Check it out here on facebook if your needing to find a new salon in the Medina County Area!  She does a great job, but just don't look to close at my hair because I don't cover the gray near often enough!!!

Anyways, April has had this dog Ted, since I've known her, and she really wanted to include Ted into these pictures, but the only problem is Ted can't hear anymore.  So I knew this might be a problem trying to get the dog's attention, so I brought along my 13 year old daughter to help out with the shoot.  It was hilarious because my daughter would run pass the dog trying to get his attention and then she would run over by me, and then I would shoot a bunch of pictures, hoping that all the other family members were looking with perfect faces, and no eyes closed, and no hair in their face from the crazy wind that day!  Yeah right!!!!  Well as you might of guessed I had to take a bunch of pictures to get a few good ones.    In fact, at one spot that we tried to get the dog to look at me, it never happened, so we just gave up on that spot and moved on.  My poor daughter was exhausted from trying to get the poor dogs attention, and the funny thing was, I still found myself yelling trying to get the dogs to look, even though he couldn't hear.

All in all, we got the pictures we needed, but I usually hope for so many other natural shots!  In this, case we were going to be happy with what we got, and I can't wait to see her family picture in giant form in April's home!

I grabbed a few extra special one's of Aprils oldest daughter.   She just turned 16!  Wow!  I knew her daughter when she was just a little girl!  I keep feeling older and older every day!

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