Newborn Photographer Medina OH - Baby Olivia

So here is a newborn photo shoot I did this last week.  Little Olivia is sweet as sweet can be.  She just was confused at what part of the session she was suppose to sleep through.  I showed up at noon and when I got there little Olivia was already sleeping.  So I got things set up and ready to go, and then little Olivia thought, that she had a great cat nap and it was not time to wake up.  So her mom and I tried everything to get her back to sleep, but she wasn't going to have it, so that's when we decided to just go with some awake pictures and just wear her out.  So that's what we did, and WOW Olivia is a little model.  She held so still for me for some of the shots, and for newborns that isn't easy.  They like to move their head around and make funny faces, but Olivia seemed quite fascinated with my camera, and kept starring at it.

So finally after a bottle, a diaper change, a bad spit up, and 2 and a half hours later, Olivia fell back to sleep.  I was scared to death to move her but the more I moved her, the more I realized this little gal was sound to sleep.  So we had fun just moving her from thing to thing, and within about 40 minutes, I got all the pictures I needed!  So what seemed like a not so good shoot at the beginning turned out to be great!  I always tell the mom's when I show up.  The baby is in control of the entire photo shoot, and we just have to be patient.  That is also why I book 3 hours when doing a photo shoot!  It seems like a lot of time to take pictures, but we usually spend most of that time, just getting the baby to sleep, and in the position we want them in.  

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