Wedding Photographer Cleveland OH - Tom & Lauren

What a beautiful day it was here in Cleveland Ohio.  At one point I was actually warm outside, and I haven't had that while working for over 6 months!  Lauren and Tom picked a beautiful venue, and they both didn't want anything traditional when it came to their photos for the day.  I love when I get a chance to be as creative as I want, and with the location I had, I couldn't of asked for more!

Lauren and Tom seem to have some sort of great connection to one another, and they both seemed to be marrying their best friend!  I enjoyed spending the day with him, and I appreciate the opportunity to capture their special day!  Wishing you two the best in your new lives together!

Tom and his sisters!

Lauren and her sister and brother!

I just loved this shot!  I asked Ethan to pinch his sister, and before I knew it he was trying to and she gave him a big shove!  Love it!!!!

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