Wedding Photographer Hudson OH - Meredith and Wes

What a beautiful sunny day Meredith and Wes had for their wedding.  You wouldn't know it by looking at the pictures, but it was around 30 degrees when we took these outside pictures.  Meredith and Wes requested we do a "first look" (which is the bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding) so that we could get all the pictures done ahead of time.  I have to say, aside of the tradition, I much more prefer a bride and groom do a "first look".  Everyone always worries that they will loose that moment of seeing each other for the first time when the bride is coming down the isle, but I look at it, you are gaining an extra special moment, that you are only sharing with each other, in addition to the photographer to capture the moment.  A "first look" also gives me a chance to capture both of the bride and grooms reaction in the same picture.  That can't be done when a bride is walking down the isle.  I always tell the grooms you will still get that tingle feeling when your bride does come down the isle, because at that moment you know that it is really happening. 

So having said all of that, I started out at Meredith's home where her and her 10 bridesmaids were getting ready!  They had full run of that house!  Then I left with the bride and headed to the church where Wes got to see Meredith for the first time.  From there we headed out for some pictures in a local town.  We were so lucky because while we were out shooting pictures, we found this quaint little gallery which allowed us to come in and warm up a few times.  I also took a little bit of a different approach to my picture taking on this day.  We had full sun, and I normally hate to shoot in the sun, but on this particular day I just embraced the sun, and we shot directly in it anyways.  Every time I put the bride and groom in the shade, I thought the bride was going to die from coldness.  So keeping them in the sun some, wasn't a bad idea.  Later when we got back to the church the bride shook for over an hour from all the time we spent outside.  Meredith your quite the trooper, and you don't even look cold in your pictures!  Hats off to you girl!

Meredith and Wes are an amazing couple who I know will have a wonderful life together.  Thank you, Meredith and Wes, for the opportunity to capture this important day for you.  I enjoyed spending time with you two, your family, and your friends.  All the best to you!

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