Akron OH Engagement Photographer - Lauren and Chris

So I met Lauren at a Dr.'s appointment that I had (she worked there), and she recognized my last name.  Lets be honest!  How many people have the last name Stahnke?  In fact, that is why I went with my name for my photography business because, I knew know one would have the same name as me.  Anyways, a friend of hers knew my daughter, and she saw some of the pictures I have done of my daughter, so she started asking me about the photography.  A month or so later Lauren contacted me to do her engagement shoot!

I have to say her fiancee, Chris, is one funny guy.  He had Lauren laughing through most my shoot, and that made it hard for those serious pictures, but at least I had no trouble getting those laughing pictures.  These two have so much fun together, and I told them that if they can keep that alive one day in their marriage, then they will have a great marriage!  Good luck to the both of you, and thank you for entrusting me to take your engagement pictures!

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