Cleveland Ohio Photographer - Anniversary Photo Shoot Randy and Jaclynn

So Jaclynn contacted me because she needed some fresh and new pictures to hang on her wall.  So for her anniversary she decided that she would get these pictures done.  Jaclynn also feels like she needs to get these pictures done before there is a child in the picture one day.  Let me tell you from experience, that after there are children in your life, it is hard to ever get a picture again alone with your spouse.  

I had a fun time hanging out with Randy and Jaclynn.  They were pros at this since they had engagement pictures done, and wedding pictures done in the past.  So at the very end of our session, we decided to go get a picture of this old antique police car.  While we were shooting pictures a fireman walked by and said "you know, if you really want some good pictures, you need some with a firetruck."  So of course we agreed with him, and he said to to the front of the firestation which was around the building, and he would let us choose any picture we wanted with a firetruck.  So we decided upon the ladder truck, since it was the biggest.  So the fireman pulled it out for us, and we grabbed a few fun shots by it!  What a cool way to end a great session!!!!

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