Medina County Senior Photographer - Hannah

So again, I managed to sneak in a photo shoot without the horrible heat we have had this summer!  Go figure we all go from complaining from all the rain and cold, to complaining about the heat!  It just hasn't been a weather friendly year this year for my photography, but I have managed to get every shoot done regardless.

So Hannah, her mom, and myself hit up a few locations in the area, and we had a great time a long the way.  We had a windy day, so good thing Hannah's mom was there to be my personal hair assistant for my model.  She was there between every few pictures fixing her hair, and I couldn't of imagined the shoot with out her there!  Hannah your a great young lady, and I was very impressed with the respect you had for your mother!  I know your going to have great things in your future!!!!

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