Medina OH Engagement Photographer - Pat and Lyndie

I know Pat and Lyndie from my church, and I couldn't be happier for the both of them!  I loved it, because Pat and Lyndie brought some of their own ideas to the photo shoot, but unfortunately I can't share those photos because they are wanting to keep them a surprise for their save the dates, so maybe I'll post those later.

I did have an unusual experience on this photo shoot.  We were driving from one location to another location, and suddenly I noticed a man come to a complete stop in the lane coming from the other direction after I passed him.  I found it odd, but wasn't sure what the issue was, so I just kept driving.  I figured he was having an issue with the car that was behind him.  So a little over a mile or so later, I arrived at the second location for this photo shoot, and then I noticed there was an extra car following us.  This guy gets out and approaches me looking pretty crazy in his eyes, and he says "WHAT, didn't you see me back there"!!!!  I told him "I wasn't sure what he was talking about".  He then claimed I was in his lane by a few feet.  I assured him that I wasn't, and at most I was on the yellow line taking the sharp turn on that road.  Suddenly, Pat's mom who was there helping us on the photo shoot, stepped in and asked if the guy was okay.  He says "I think I'm okay."  Then Pat's mom told him that I was expecting and everyone needed to just calm down, and the guy looks at me with frustrations and says "your pregnant?".  I told him yes, and he just stormed off and got in his car and left.  So after that, we all discussed the situation about this unsettled man.  Pat and Lyndie agreed that they didn't see me go into his lane, and we all agreed that there was something just off with this man.  His eyes were bugging out of his face the entire time we were talking to him, so I'm not sure what was wrong with him, but I am thankful that I had people with me when this incident went down.  I can't imagine what this man's intentions were otherwise.  Most people don't chase down other people and then approach then and start yelling!  Well at least it made for an interesting story!

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