Olmsted Falls, Strongsville, North Royalton OH Photographer - Senior Session (Alex)

So Alex is my sister in laws niece.  I've watched Alex grow up over the years, and I could hardly believe it when her mom told me she was a senior.  I also had a privilege of doing her sister's senior pictures last year to!  I have to say that Alex is a pretty easy going girl.  The poor thing only had one pair of jeans and they were the ones she had on.  Her idea was to just keep changing her shirt for different outfits.  Of course wouldn't you know it, she fell and got mud all over her jeans.  We all just stood their in shock as to what we should do.  So Alex's mom took one of her brown shirts, and dipped it into the river nearby that we were taking pictures by and kept washing off her jeans.  Luckily her jeans were dark, so the fact that they were wet didn't matter, but poor Alex's foot was bothering her and her foot hurt to bad to wear some of the shoes she brought.  Regardless how bad everything seemed to have gotten, Alex just went with it, and kept smiling when I asked her to smile.  I joked that she was my first injury on a photo shoot, and hopefully my last.  I felt bad:(

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