Summit County OH Photographer - Senior Session Kelsey

So what can I say about Kelsey except that she is a model in the making, and what I loved about her the most, was she was very modest about it.  Kelsey has such a warm spirit and someone you just want to be around.  It was a pleasure getting to know Kelsey!  

We did have one crazy experience while on this shoot.  For some reason the mosquitos have been getting really bad, so we decided to get bug spray on us for the last hour, but for some reason even though I drenched myself with it, the mosquitos were in love with me.  At times I felt like there were about 50 of them swarming me, but at the same time they were leaving Kelsey and her mom alone.  Eventually after getting bitten several times, Kelsey's mom started swating the ones that were landing on me from behind.  She did say at one point that there was one of them on my butt and that is where she was drawing the line swating at me to get them off!   Luckily after showering after this photo shoot at home all the bug bites calmed down and by the next day I didn't see any of the bites!!

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