Engagement Photographer Medina OH - Jim and Allison

I have known Jim and Allison since there were little kids!  It's crazy to watch kids grow into adults and get married.  Somedays I'm starting to fill old, but then I chase my one year old around, and she makes me feel young again.  I love Jim and Alison's story of when he proposed.  He took her back to this tree where the 2 of them carved there name into the tree.  He carved "will u marry me" and the story they told me was it was a winter day when he wanted to take her to see the tree.  I guess Allison though he was was a little crazy wanting to take a walk in the woods in the middle of winter, but soon she found out why!  So what better place to start our session then in the woods at the tree where he proposed!  I'm so excited for there wedding in 2013!  The two of them have been waiting quite a while to make their love forever official!  It will be a beautiful day!

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