Cleveland Oh Wedding Photographer - Jesse and Stefanie's Wedding

Jesse and Stefanie had some challenges on their wedding day, but by the end of the day, their wedding was still elegant and beautiful!  Luckily for them, they didn't their wedding at the park that we planned to have our pictures taken at!  On our way to the park after the ceremony, their limo bus broke down!  So my take charge side took over, and we crammed the bride, groom, and all the bridesmaids into my suv and my back up photographer's car.  I had the bride in the front with me with her dress everywhere.  Then at one point the groom was in the back of my suv playing with my daughter's baby toys!  I was cracking up at how this day was turning out!  Also when we left the church it was blue skies and sunny.  When we arrived to the park, it was down poring rain, and lighting and thundering!  It was crazy!!!!  So we took all the umbrellas (luckily I always tell brides to have them) and ran for a gazebo that was in the park.  Then later the groomsmen showed up with the replacement limo bus.  So we took what little time we had left and we made the best of it.  Then by the time we were done and out of time, the sun decided to come out and shine!  Go figure!  Regardless of how we had to take the pictures, we got some pictures and that is all that matters!  We documented the day as it happened, and that is what will make memories and stories for Jesse and Stefanie to tell their children one day!

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