One of the most asked questions I get from my clients, is "what should we wear"?  I agree that what you wear is a very important decision.  Choosing the right wardrobe for you and your family could make all the difference in your photos. So here is a collection of wardrobe storyboards that I have come across that I think might help out when choosing a wardrobe! 

There are a few key things to remember when choosing a wardrobe for your family.  First of all make sure everyone coordinates, but you don't want everyone matching exactly.  For instance if you have 2 or more people wearing the exact same color shirt, those individuals look like a big blob of color in the picture if they are next to each other.  So that hinders me when taking pictures, because I always have to split those 2 people up.  You want to be able to tell where everyone's arm's and legs start and end, so be sure to split up the colors that you are wearing.  Also don't be afraid to be bold.  Adding some color to your wardrobe will help your pictures pop, but don't do to much color or you will look like a rainbow.  Be sure to start with a neutral pallet of tones and then add one maybe two different pops of color!  If you do two different pops of colors, be sure the colors coordinate.  Also don't be afraid to throw in a pattern or two but make sure not everyone in your family is wearing a pattern because then the picture would become way to busy.  If all else fails and your not sure, just check with Kim!