Akron OH Wedding Photographer - Jeff & Lauren

This picture above best described these two!  They took dance classes together, and at times I felt like I was watching an episode of "Dancing with the Stars".  Jeff and Lauren had a bunch of their friends from dance and their were times where the only ones on the dance floor were these dancers!  I was so captivated of all the moves and spontaneous things they did!  It was seriously the best reception I have photographed because it was so entertaining.  The only problem was, that most of them were so fast when they were dancing, I could hardly focus on them before they were out of my frame! 

Lauren and Jeff are such am amazing couple.  Lauren's father recently became ill, and he was currently in a coma.  I can't imagine facing your wedding day with such uncertainty.  I was actually dreading photographing this wedding, because I was so nervous of how everyone was going to be handling the situation.  I have to say, it ended up being one of my favorite weddings of the year because Lauren and Jeff's love was so magnified by everything that I think that was going on!  The two of them handled themselves with such dignity and character!  They are an amazing couple that I am honored to of gotten to know!  I think anyone in life that gets the opportunity to get to know the two of them will be better for it.  I wish Lauren, her mother, and her entire family the best!  Their family has been in my prayers!  

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