Vintage Wedding, Cleveland, OH Photographer - Andrew & Alisha

I love outdoor weddings.  This wedding and reception were both outside.  You never know what your going to get in Ohio, and the chance for rain on this day was 80%.  Luckily the 80% was scattered showers, and it literally cleared out right before the wedding.  It was cloudy and humid, but only a high of 78 that day, so it was perfect!  This huge pavilion where the reception kept pretty cool because of all the woods surrounding it.  Then the sun peaked out right before it was going down, and it made for a gorgeous sunset right when the couple was doing their dance.  I even captured pictures of the two of them where the sky behind them looked purple!  AMAZING!!!  I wish more brides were daring enough to try an outdoor reception, the background you get is breathtaking for pictures!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Where is this location?

curtis03 Lewis said...

Such a wonderful photography. I am in love with the pictures captured. Want to hire a professional talented photographer for my wedding that will arrange at one of wedding venues. Want to get best pictures clicked of my big day.