Photographer Medina OH - Christmas Mini Session

So many parents are caught up in thinking they have to take their children to their local photo studio and have their pictures taken at Christmas time with a fake tree behind their kids!  UGH!!!!!!  These types of photos make me crazy!  I get Christmas cards every year and everyone has the same fake tree background in their photo!  Instead of a fake tree, you can actually use your real tree in your home.  This is a mini session that seriously didn't take long and it can be switched up in many ways in someones home!  I love to use the Bokeh of the lights from a Christmas tree, and I love the look of children holding Christmas lights!  Another fun version of this would be an entire family in their Christmas pajamas, or maybe their Christmas dress clothes!  I could also implement a family making Christmas cookies together, or even decorating the tree together.  Let me help you document something new!  However you want to switch it up, this can be a fun session, and something unique to send out with your Christmas cards!  Don't forget I also have a line of Christmas cards, and since I do all my own designing, I can alter and adjust the cards to meet your personal needs!  

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