Medina OH Newborn Photographer - Adrianna

This sweet little girl's mom warned me that we probably wouldn't get any pictures of her in just a diaper  while she was asleep.  I told her certainly we would, because this is what I do, and I've always been able to get pictures of a baby down to their diaper while still sleeping.  Well apparently the mother knew more than me, because we would get Adriana asleep but every time we did it was with her wrapped in a blanket, and the second we started removing the blanket her eyes would pop open and she would start crying.  So I guess we had no choice but to go with the swaddling baby look for all the pictures.  At the end of the session she was content and still with her eyes open so I snapped some like that, and that became my favorite one's of the session!  Regardless of how the session went, Adrianna is sweet and adorable, and I can't get enough of newborn babies!

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