Medina OH Senior Photographer - Gage

Gage was like all my guy senior sessions!  I haven't met a guy yet that was looking forward to their senior session like the girls do for their sessions.  Gage's words summed it up, "Mom, I'm doing this for you"!  Even though Gage wasn't looking forward to getting his pictures done, he didn't give me a hard time at all, and my promise to all senior guys at the beginning of their session is this.  First of all, I'm not going to put any guy in any feminine pose.  I'm also not going to over photoshop any photo and make it look like a guy is wearing makeup, because I over smoothed the skin!  I take pride in making all the guys I take picture, of stay looking like guys!  I also have guys tell me at the end of their session "that it wasn't that bad, and they imagined it to be worse."  I try to have fun while on these sessions, and I want to fit in things that describes the seniors personality.  So Gage was no exception.  He plays golf at the high school, so we definitely wanted to incorporate that into his session!  I had fun trying some new different angels with the camera trying to capture the sport of golf!  I love trying new things!  All in all, a great session!  Thanks Gage!

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