Medina OH Wedding and Engagement Photographer - Jesse & Lynda

I've known Lynda for a long time, and I've had the privilege of getting to know Jesse as well!  I was so excited when Lynda contacted me about photographing her wedding, and I was equally excited about her engagement shoot!  Lynda's family knows the owner of a local apple orchard, and they gave us special permission to take pictures on their property!  I'm absolutely in love with orchards, and I was excited to get some photos in the spring rather then the fall!  Lynda and Jesse were easy to work with, and they kept saying "whatever you want Kim, your the photographer".  I love that, because I do have ideas that just swarm my head, so I love when I have people who are willing to go along with my crazy ideas!  We had a lot of fun, and my allergies even held up through this session!  I can't wait for their wedding in October!  I'm sure God will bless them with a beautiful day!

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Jesse Lynda said...

Thank you so much Kim! We love our pictures. You are amazing!