Medina Oh Child and Baby Photographer - 3 month session

How sweet this little baby girl is!  However, she wasn't having her best day or morning ever, but between me and her mom, we got some great shots!  It's not easy when a baby or young child is having an off moment, and I personally have had this happen recently with my daughter who is 1 1/2, while doing a photo shoot with my family of 20 people!  I now, know how parents feel when there at a session and there is lots of pressure for your child to cooperate!  When this was happening with my daughter, I just had to remain calm, I had to remove my daughter from the situation, and then I had to just try anything I could (toys, snacks, drink, anything).  Good thing I had a big bag of things to try!  Finally I got my daughter to calm down with holding a stupid wet wipe!  Go figure!  Then, I had to be flexible on who was going to hold her and how we were going to hold her.  If I went with my original plan, it would of never happened!  So to all your parents out there!  Don't feel bad, your not alone in the world of getting a child to cooperate for a photo shoot!

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