Cleveland OH Wedding Photographer - Kate and John

John and Kate's wedding was absolutely beautiful, and I told Kate that she seriously could be a bride model, as gorgeous as my photos were across my camera.  We did have some interesting turn of events when we went to get the bridal party pictures and the bride and groom pictures done.  So apparently we went to the main hot spot for wedding photos in the area, because we kept seeing wedding parties everywhere.  However, this one wedding party in particular were giving us some negative comments as we were walking in their direction, so I decided to take Kate and John's wedding party to another area, and we patiently waited for this other wedding party to leave, so we could get some photos by the train station. So we got all the photos we needed, and we wanted to end with some photos by the railroad track and a Thank You sign!  So as John and Kate were standing there for these photos, a train started coming from behind them!  Luckily I opted to have them stand beside the railroad track and not on it.  So I suddenly ran and grabbed their sign from them, and told them to just stand and smile for the camera, then I had them kiss!  It was very cool because the train was literally passing beside them as we were shooting!  What a rush!  Then we asked if Kate could hop on the train and get a photo real quick, and that is when the most perfect picture came across my camera!  We were laughing because, that other wedding party that was a bit negative to us, didn't get these great photos that we got!   Good things do come to those who wait!  Thanks John & Kate for letting me take part of your beautiful wedding day.

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