Family Photographer Brunswick OH - Galloway Family

I've knows this family for a long time!  I watched some of these girls grow up, and now they are all grown up and starting their own lives!  Cali contacted me about 2 years ago when I was at the end of my pregnancy with my daughter, and she wanted me to take pictures of her mom and dad and sisters but unfortunately I had to turn her down because I was just to miserable to take any ones photos.  Cali and her husband are missionaries and they are not in the states all the time.  So this time when they were in town she contacted me again, and after lots of communication we were able to set up a day that worked for everyone.  It was a very hot 90 degree day, but we all just wiped our sweat off and just kept going!  We did at one point have an incident with a bee in one of the girls skirts, but after getting the skirt off and releasing the bee she recovered and again we kept shooting pictures.  I have to admit I'm still having images of the bee situation and it makes me laugh!  We then ended the evening with all of the kids jumping into their pond with their clothes on!  I didn't get the best photo of it because it was getting dark, and I just couldn't get close enough to them without getting into the middle of the pond.  However, I did get a photo and I captured a memory for them forever!  

Here is an 11x14 collage I put together for this family!  This is a great way to put a lot of pictures into one frame!  

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