Maternity Photographer Medina OH

 Lauren was such a beautiful mommy to be.  I can't wait to meet this little one, and I'm so excited that I will get to take her newborn photos.  We did a short 30 minute session for these pictures and I knew we had to plan the sun going down just right to make sure we got that beautiful lighting in our background.  So since I shot about a month before in this same park, I knew the exact time that the sun was going to drop behind the trees on this property.  So I looked up when the sun was setting on that day, compared to the other day I was at this park, and I figured out the exact time the sun would drop behind the trees. I was nervous, but I had it timed perfectly and we got the gorgeous shots we needed right before the sun dropped!  PERFECT!!!!  Stay tune for Addison's newborn session!

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