Wadsworth Ohio Senior Photographer - Brittany

The weather was not our friend on this session.  I think we heard thunder the entire session, and the rain would come and go and come and go.  Unfortunately, we didn't want to have to come back to finish up the session, and we had one more outfit to get, so the rain was down pouring as we were waiting in our cars and then the rain slowed down a bit, so I told Brittany that either we do it with light rain, or we will need to come back.  So we gave it a try, and luckily I know how to shoot fast when I need to and Brittany was a great sport.  It also helped that it was the end of the session, because by now Brittany knew exactly what to do for these images!  I get frustrated sometimes with the weather in Ohio, because you can look at the weather and even the radar, and see no rain and then you can hop into your car and drive somewhere and then there is rain! UGH!!!!  I've learned overtime to be patient and just do what I can.  I can't control the weather, so I guess I'll just make the best of it!

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