Cleveland Oh Wedding Photographer - Cuyahoga County, Northeast Ohio (Michael & Sarah)

Sarah made such a beautiful bride, and I was in love with her style.  Her dress and flowers were so simplistic, elegant, and timeless.  The temperature wasn't to cold for the fall season, but with the crazy wind we were having it felt like it was 30 degrees outside.  So when it came time for the bridal party pictures and bride and groom pictures, we opted to do the bridal party quickly on the front church steps.   Thank goodness for the gorgeous church we had, so we could pull that off.  Then I got about 10 minutes with the bride and groom in an open grassy area outside of the church, until Sarah had enough of the cold.  I have to admit that the wind was bad, and even though Sarah didn't have a big puffy dress, the wind was still catching and blowing it up.  So I did the best I could with the few minutes I had.  Thank goodness I was able to add a few more pictures to their collection by shooting off the light coming in off of the front doors from the church.  All in all it was a beautiful wedding, and I wish Michael and Sarah the best!

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