Cleveland Wedding Photographer - Jesse & Lynda

October 2013
I had the best time photographing this wedding.  I have known Lynda for a long time, and I was honored when they asked me to capture their wedding day.  It was also great getting to know Jesse.  These two make an amazing couple.  I have to admit that, they kept everyone guessing on what was around the corner with this great day.  There was even some things that I didn't know about, so at times, I felt like a guest more then a photographer.  I also love this picture above.  I'm all about capturing real moments, and I caught this moment and didn't even know it till I started looking through my photos.  Thank goodness I never stop shooting.  This pictures describes the fun these two have together!  I wish Jesse and Lynda the best in their new lives together.  Thanks for letting me be part of your day.

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