Medina OH Baby Photographer - Medina County (Baby Sophia)

Cleveland OH Photographer
January 2014
I had a great session with Sophia!  I'm excited because her mom purchased a baby package so I will get to take her photos every 3 months till she is a year old!  I love watching babies grow up.  Sophia was making me laugh because she would just smile so big at me with all the goofiness I would do, and as soon as I would put the camera back up to my face she would stop smiling.  I still got some little smiles, but maybe at 6 months she will keep her smile on her face just a little longer for me to catch it.  Sophia's mom said she does the same thing to her at home, so I didn't take the whole thing personal.  What a cutie!  I can't wait to see her in 3 months!

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