Medina Ohio senior photographer - JJ's Winter Session

December 2013
I have known JJ since he was a younger boy.  In fact my daughter use to supervise him and his brother at their house.  I can't say she babysat them, because they were old enough to not need a babysitter, but she was there to just supervise the two of them and make sure they didn't get into trouble.  It seems like that was just yesterday, and then a few years ago I got to do JJ's brothers senior pictures and now it was his turn.  I know JJ and his mom were hoping to do pictures in the fall, but his braces couldn't come off till the weather was cold.  I personally think it was a good thing, because I think JJ's pictures turned out unique with the snow and we lucked out on a great day because there was snow on the ground and it was over 40 degrees that day.  I personally love shooting in the snow, and I encourage everyone to think outside the box and maybe try something new and different and do a winter session.  The cold seriously doesn't bother me!

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